address 1002 Lawrence Street
Port Townsend, Washington 98107
United States of America
CS Instructor Status N/A
Introductory Courses Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain (F1), Myochains and Spinal Ligs (MS1), Lymphatic-Venous part 1 (LV1), Lymphatic-Venous part 2 (LV2), Visceral (VS)

Kristin Barnes, ND, LAc

Kristin is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Eastern Asian Medicine Practitioner (EAMP). She obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathy and Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She completed her two year residency with Rebel Med NW under the guidance of Dr Andrew Simon (ND) and Dr Phonexay Simon (EAMP, LAc). She holds an additional Masters in Nutrition and a certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy through the Integrated Psychiatry Institute (IPI) out of Boulder, CO. Kristin is tackling the Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) program one class at a time and has currently completed the Foundations, Advanced Diagnostics, Spinal Ligaments, Lymphatic/Venous 1 and Lymphatic/Venous 2 courses. By the end of 2024 she will have added Nervous System I, Bone, Cartilage, Arterial, and Visceral to her FCS skillset. Prior to becoming a healthcare practitioner, Kristin received her undergrad in Chemistry from the US Naval Academy (USNA) in 1992. Upon her graduation and commission into the US Navy, she entered flight school and trained to fly the F14 Tomcat as a Radar Intercept Officer (RIO). Kristin served 23 years active duty, retiring in 2015 at the rank of Commander. In that time, she deployed overseas seven times with flights over Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. She has over 3,000 flight hours and over 700 arrested landings on aircraft carriers. Kristin finished her career as the Executive Officer of the PE Department of the US Naval Academy teaching physical education, nutrition, ethics, sailing and providing mentorship to the USNA Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) team.