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The Fascia Code
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Introductory Courses Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain (F1), Neural Upper Quadrant (N1), Visceral (VS), Lymphatic Venous Combined (2014), Myochains and Spinal Ligs (MS1), Arterial Dysfunction (AR), Cartilage / SF dysfunction (MS3), Neural Lower Quadrant (N2), Periosteal Dysfunction (MS2), Cranial Periosteum and Cartilage (CSS1), Astrocytes, mediastinum & Sulcal Vessels (CSS2), Adipose, Tendon-lymphatic Chains Counterstrain Mastery Programs CSA Module 1 Intro: Counterstrain and the Cranial Scan, CSA Module 7: Counterstrain for the Musculoskeletal System, Part 1, CS Convention 2023, CSA Module 3: Counterstrain for the Lymphatic/Venous System, CSA Module 8: Counterstrain for the Periosteum, MS Part 2

Shaline Amani, LMT, DC Student

Fascial Counterstrain Therapy, LMT<br> Integrative Health Practitioner, IHP<br> Student of Doctor of Chiropractic, DC<br> <br> Clinical Interests: Chronic Pain & Illness, Bioenergetics, Functional Medicine & Nutrition, Ayurvedic Herbology<br> Research Interests: Longevity, Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Functional Neurology, Quantum Physics<br> <br> Shaline Amani is an LMT and Student of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). As a Texas Native, she earned an MBA from Rice University and a BBA in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin. She has spent 6+ years in Bali, Indonesia & Asia learning from Masters and Teachers in the Art of Natural & Energetic Healing.<br> <br> After seeking out numerous doctors and therapists around the world to manage her experience of full body chronic pain fibromyalgia symptoms for 8 years, Shaline found Counterstrain in 2018. The treatment that she received made her a believer of the technique so much so that she decided to switch careers from finance to manual therapy, specializing in Counterstrain. <br> <br> Shaline's inspiration is her mother who, after numerous health setbacks over the past few years, has also experienced life changing results from Counterstrain therapy on a surgical scar, MCAS / histamine / allergy flare-ups, fracture related inflammation and pain, and brain and spinal cord treatment points for muscle weakness and other systems. <br> <br> In the future, Shaline hopes to further Counterstrain and Neurophysiology research and help clinical patients improve their health and wellbeing, increase and maintain their mobility and strength, and self-educate on the role and impact of their own mind-body connection in relation to experiences of physical and emotional chronic pain.<br> <br> She currently balances a schedule between Chiropractic School, caregiving for her mother, and client work. In her free time, Shaline enjoys meditation, yoga, outdoor jogs with her German Shepherd, and studying Dr. Joe Dispenza's Neuroscience and Quantum Physics Research on Our Body's Ability to Self-Heal. <br> <br> To learn more about Shaline, please visit To make an appointment, please call or text 832-281-0742.