address 1751 NW 57th Street
Seattle, Washington 98107
United States of America
CS Instructor Status N/A
Introductory Courses Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain (F1), Myochains and Spinal Ligs (MS1), Visceral (VS), Lymphatic Venous Combined (2014), Periosteal Dysfunction (MS2), Neural Upper Quadrant (N1), Arterial Dysfunction (AR), Cartilage / SF dysfunction (MS3)

Charli Hamilton, LMT

Charli Hamilton graduated from DiscoveryPoint School of Massage with advanced training in medical massage and sports therapy. She has a passion for working with patients suffering from chronic pain and athletes looking to optimize their sports performance. Charli works to resolve both physical and mental tension through a combination of Fascial Counterstrain, breath work, and gentle, slow myofascial release techniques.