address 2217 3rd Street
Sanger, California 93657
United States of America
CS Instructor Status N/A
Introductory Courses Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain (F1), Lymphatic Venous Combined (2014), Periosteal Dysfunction (MS2), Myochains and Spinal Ligs (MS1), Visceral (VS) Counterstrain Mastery Programs CS Virtual Convention 2020, Counterstrain Convention 2019, CS Virtual Convention 2021

Kimberly Hendersen, CMT

I am a Certified Massage Therapist. I found Counterstrain 5 years ago and it changed my life. I knew I had to learn how to help the people around me. I love that Counterstrain is gentle and effective, making it something beneficial and easy for anyone of any age!