address 603 Burwood Road Hawthorn
Melbourne (Hawthorn), VICTORIA 3122
CS Instructor Status N/A
Introductory Courses Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain (F1), Visceral (VS), Lymphatic Venous Combined (2014), Myochains and Spinal Ligs (MS1), Periosteal Dysfunction (MS2), Neural Lower Quadrant (N2), Neural Upper Quadrant (N1), Cartilage / SF dysfunction (MS3), Arterial Dysfunction (AR) Counterstrain Mastery Programs CS Virtual Convention 2020

Nadeesha - Nad Perera, PT (physiotherapist), Cert of OMT, Cert of MMT

After graduating from La Trobe University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Nad has worked in both public and private settings (including the military hospital) before setting up own practice in 2007 in Canberra and 2014 in Melbourne.  Nad has a passion for manual therapy and therefore has pursued many courses, as a result  this allowed him to help people with chronic pain and complex problems. Nad considers a privilege to treat people with his hands and to facilitate the healing process by using Counterstrain (since his first course in 2009). Nad feels that the Counterstrain approach has allowed him to be part of forefront of manual medicine. He is excited and passionate about solving the clients pain puzzle. Nad practices in Hawthorn in Melbourne and once a month in Canberra, Australia. Please feel free to call or book online at either location through our website.